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Laser therapy AND Spinal Decompression for disc herniations?


Cold laser and spinal decompression in Amarillo is becoming very-well known and we feel that we’re on the peak of the technology. Being capable to provide spinal decompression as well as cold laser therapy right here in our office gives a distinct difference in the results and treatment of our patients.

In the Dynamic Chiropractic Magazine from July 15, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 15, Fred Kahn, M.C., FRCS(c) and Michael Patterson, MSc published some significant research. Click HERE to read the article for yourself.

“Imaging studies have confirmed what has been long suspected: Disc herniations can decrease in size and even disappear spontaneously, leading to the absence of pressure on the nerve root.”

“intervertebral discs have a limited ability to recover from metabolic or mechanical injuries such as herniations.”

“The financial justification for the use of laser therapy as the first line of defense in disc herniations is overwhelming. Data collected from the SPORT trial found that the average surgical procedure cost $15,139, which rises to $27,341 when other costs such as diagnostic tests and missed work are factored in. The cost of conservative treatment in that same study averaged $13,108. In our experience, even the most extreme example of a herniated disc patient (receiving 40 treatments), resulted in a total treatment cost of just $3,200.

When diagnostic tests and health care visits are factored into this equation, the total cost of laser therapy is closer to $5,700. This is a savings of more than $20,000 versus surgery and $7,500 over standard conservative treatment. Moreover, laser therapy is noninvasive and no adverse events have been reported in more than 3,000 publications”

And, there is the article titled “Therapeutic Laser For Chronic Low Back Pain - Laser therapy offers a safe and effective treatment modality as either primary or adjunctive therapy” by William J. Kneebone, CRNA, DC, CNC, DlHom, FIAMA, DIACT.

“Therapeutic lasers and other phototherapy devices offer a safe, often effective, easily utilized primary or adjunctive therapy that is relatively cost effective to both the clinician and patient. Laser therapy can be a viable part of the multi-faceted approach often needed to bring relief to the millions of chronic low back pain sufferers that present in offices, clinics, and hospitals. The future is promising as research continues to increase understanding of this new healing modality.”

In the end, Cold Laser has been shown to be extremely effective for helping alleviate low back pain in general and low back pain in disc injury. Spinal Decompression has been shown to be extremely effective as well. We believe that Cold Laser Enhanced Spinal Decompression is the best, most cost efficient, most effective treatment that you can get for disc or facet injury in a non surgical setting.

Plain & Simple.

Spinal Decompression creates the negative vacuum that brings the disc more to the center; closer to where it belongs. The Cold Laser does it’s part by helping the outer margin of the disc repair in a more permanent and durable fashion to better maintain the new found disc health for a better, more complete, and longer lasting result.

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     Cold Laser in conjunction with non surgical spinal decompression is the key!

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